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meditation techniques

It is of vital importance to learn the correct techniques of meditation - I cannot emphasize this enough.

In our courses we teach various methods and techniques of meditation in an accurate and efficient manner. Our methodology is carefully designed so that our students can (after completion of the course) practice meditation correctly and effectively in their own home or anywhere else, on their own without any external help, and reap all the benefits of meditation for the rest of their lives.

This also makes our courses and training programs very economical - our courses have a one-time-only payment structure and do not have any recurring costs whatsoever.

We have a whole range of courses and training programs in meditation - from very basic to very advanced. We also teach many different techniques and methods of meditation in different courses. This knowledge and education is not very easy to find. There are many meditation courses offered online and in other places, but many of them are rather commercial and do not have the best interests of the student at heart.

We are different in many respects. We teach our students the correct methods and techniques of meditation. And we care about our students - we care a lot!

Speaking of techniques - in recent years we hear a lot about Mindfulness, or mindfullness related to meditation. Nowhere in Indian or Buddhist practices have we ever come across this word or an equivalent of it. It is purely a fabrication of the Western mind.

In your quest to establish a stronger connection with your innermost self and to walk the path of self realization - the last thing you need is to be misled by any hype or trend.

We invite you to join us completely free at http://lawofattractionbymallica.com/

(All our courses are conducted in online classrooms here.)



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