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Meditation is a skill that can be learned by anyone at any age. No matter where you are located or what you do in your day to day life - you can learn meditation online with me. Over the past 10 years, since 2009, I have trained innumerable people.

For many of my students the effects of these training programs have been life-changing.

In my network we conduct training programs regularly. We offer various courses in which students acquire knowledge and training that is offered absolutely nowhere else in the world. You can call it the University of self development! :) I personally conduct courses on meditation, energy, the law of attraction, manifestation and many other aspects of self development.


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meditation with Mallica


Many life skills need to be learnt. Somebody's got to teach you those skills. Without certain life skills we suffer, create the same negative results over and over again and cannot establish a happy and successful life. And yet we do not learn these life skills at school or in our average colleges and Universities.

The best analogy I can give you is this - Would I expect you to drive a car skillfully if you never had any driving lessons in your life? What would happen to you if I forced you to drive a car right now, when you have never had any driving lessons ever? The answer is obvious. There would be an accident, a crash. We understand this very easily. But we do not see this when it comes to our life journey. We are put in the driver's seat without training. Because of this we create undesired results. And then, further damage is done when our self-esteem gets battered due to these undesirable results. We think of ourselves as not good enough, not capable enough and not worthy of the best things in life. But the real culprit of the problem all along is the lack of proper guidance, training and methodology.

You CAN certainly create and manifest the life that you really want and love. This is absolutely possible. However, to achieve this you need to invest in yourself in a serious way. The main investments are time, attention, practice and hard work. Anyone who expects to see any results in anything does need to make these investments. But it does not have to be difficult at all. In fact we have a lot of fun and pleasure in all our courses and training programs. There is an energy of vitality, kindness, well-being and success in our network.

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