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Welcome to Meditation Ashram

How to join free

Our organisation conducts more than 120 unique and amazing courses and training programs in the field of meditation, self-development, self-improvement, the law of attraction and self realization.

What makes us special :
* All our courses are extremely effective.
* All our course material is 100% original and unique and created completely by our founder Mallica.
* Our courses and training programs are very reasonable priced, and are usually pay-one-time-only, with no recurring costs.
* We are passionate about self-development and the law of attraction. We do not believe in forcing or pressuring people to do anything.
* We began in 2009 and we are growing and thriving! :)

How to Join Free

All our courses and training programs are conducted in online classrooms on this website :

You can join this network - it is free to join.
(The courses and training programs are not free.)

We request everyone to please be truthful while filling in your information while requesting entry.